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Build something great.

LISNR's SDK is a new way for developers to create great user experiences on mobile. Make your application react to the user's surroundings (with no expensive hardware to purchase!) or enhance your application with a best in class second screen synchronization engine. Integration is painless on both iOS and Android allowing you to get a jump start on building next generation applications. Here's a taste of what our SDK offers:

The LISNR is the secret sauce you can use to dazzle your users. are completely inaudible tones that carry data from any standard speaker to your application via the LISNR SDK. operate on a spectrum between 18.5 and 19.6 kHz. They can be embedded in a video, on top of music, in a pitch deck, or even played directly through standard speakers.

Command Center

We know programmers hate writing code, that's why we built the LISNR Command Center. By leveraging the web interface, you can get started with the SDK and deliver content in just minutes. We help send videos or photos, link to websites, and even deliver notifications based on the around your user. The Command Center also contains all of our documentation and guides to help you build great apps faster.


Each carries precise timing information that makes it easy to build great second screen experiences. Want to show a notification at exactly the 10 minute mark of a video or synchronize a secondary audio stream for your content? No problem. With our SDK, synchronization is accurate up to 1/10th of a second.


We've created a RESTful API to expose our service to you in a familiar format. From the API, you have complete control over your content and your .

Free Code

Yep, like beer. To help you get even more power out of the LISNR SDK we've open sourced some basic components. Integrate into your project with just two lines of code to display LISNR content. All of our open source code is MIT Licensed so feel free to fork, copy, and modify the code to fit your application.

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