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LISNR in Action

LISNR technology provides a fast, cost-effective and flexible solution that can be customized to meet your business objectives, and the needs of your users, with limitless possibilities.

Redefining the Shopping Experience

More than 80% of consumers use their smartphone to assist them during their in-store experience. Mobile campaigns with LISNR enhance the customer experience, shopper marketing efforts and retail activations while allowing you to understand the physical ROI on your digital campaigns.

With LISNR, focus on presence and proximity - delivering content, information and experiences, based on where individuals or groups of customers are in your store. You now have the ability to influence purchase intent in the moments that matter most.

LISNR can help you to:

  • Engage customers with new product information and awareness
  • Determine how long customers are spending in specific areas of your store
  • Trigger smart notifications based on timing and specific location
  • Create a heat map of the customer journey through retail environments
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