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LISNR in Action

LISNR technology provides a fast, cost-effective and flexible solution that can be customized to meet your business objectives, and the needs of your users, with limitless possibilities.

Engage Viewers in Moments That Matter

When added to your broadcast, LISNR gives you the ability to engage your viewers smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever before, in the moments that matter most.

When you add LISNR to a full-length piece of media or broadcast, your experience becomes the most accurate synchronization in the broadcast space. LISNR is accurate to 1/10th of a second, where other technologies can take up to 7 seconds. With LISNR, real-time synchronization is truly possible.

LISNR can help you to:

  • Deliver dual-screen content, supporting second camera angles or content feeds associated with the main broadcast, perfect for entertainment or sporting events
  • Generate content with exact synchronization and create rich multimedia experiences that are perfectly timed to a live or recorded event - sports and entertainment viewing will never be the same again
  • Understand who is really watching your broadcast, with real-time presence data - helping you understand who is tuning in to your program
  • Create a truly unique experience for your viewers by delivering content opportunities that you control. Second plot lines, extended versions of the original content, or displaying behind-the-scenes or director’s cut commentary throughout the show
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