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LISNR in Action

LISNR technology provides a fast, cost-effective and flexible solution that can be customized to meet your business objectives, and the needs of your users, with limitless possibilities.

Activate Your Audience

LISNR allows you to add an engagement layer to your audience experience in venues of any size. Additionally, learn more than ever before about who attends your events, analyze their interests, and track their exact location in and around your venue.

These kind of insights will allow you to create more meaningful ways to engage your audience in your venue, stadium, theater, concert venue or festival.

With LISNR, you can create an entirely new experience for your attendees with zero hardware, unlike beacons and Bluetooth. And, engage your fans in real-time - with synchronization accurate to 1/10th of a second. So, no more missing the “big moment” for your attendees.

LISNR can help you to:

  • Drive mobile-app engagement before, during and after your event at the right moment, in the right location
  • Increase brand loyalty by delivering meaningful marketing content to your audience
  • Deliver instant notifications, messages, offers and promotions based on user profile and location
  • Instant playback of “big moments” during the event
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